Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)
Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)
Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)
Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)
Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)

Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)

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Everyone has a remote control that is nasty and dust stuck between gaps of the buttons.

Heat Shrink Film Protector protects the controller surface against scratches, dirt, liquid, and fingerprints. Prevent rusting and enhance remote lifetime. The film shrinks exact fit for the controller with a hairdryer. Easy to attach and remove.

Our heat shrink film has extremely high clarity, making it the perfect choice for household usage and sale packaging. Perfect for who is having a small business selling their own handicrafts or protecting their favorite figures and dolls.


  • Protect items from water, dirt, fingerprints, and scratches

  • Prevent rusting in remote control, enhance the remote lifetime
  • Easy to attach and remove - Shrink to the exact size with a hairdryer
  • Suitable for all kinds of remote controls, handicrafts, figures, and dolls


  • Step1: Put your Remote Controller in. (If the protector is too long then cut it to suit for the controller.)
  • Step 2: Heat it with hairdryer from the top in the hot wind. It will shrink to the size of the controller.
  • Step 3: Fold the excessive part to the back side of the controller, close with hot wind. The hot wind temperature is better higher than 60 degrees.


  • Size: 27cm x 11cm
  • Color: Transparent
  • Quantity: 5 pcs/Pack


  • 1 Set X Heat Shrink Film Protector (5PCS)


Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order

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